Welcome to Krawzykowska Auction house.

Your international auction house located in karlstad Sweden.
On this page, we will help you get started from creating an account to bidding and then finally shipping

Create an Account.

To be able to place a bid, you must be a customer with us. And you can do that
by registering on our website. Becoming a customer is free. When you
registered, you will receive an email with customer details for a first
login. You then use this customer information when you place bids. As
customer, you also get access to our large archive of final prices,
the ability to save items in your to-do list and reminders when
your watched auctions are coming to an end.


We have online auctions every week, ending on Sundays.
With our search tool, you can search for items within a certain category. You
can also search directly by item number or with free text to limit
the selection. You can also choose to sort our auctions at the latest
received, the shortest time left or highest asking price.
As a registered customer, you also have access to our register
closed auctions.
If you find interesting items that you do not want to bid on immediately, can
you add them to your to-do list. On My pages you get one
overview of your favorites and there you can also set if you want
Receive reminders to your email as the auctions approach closing.


At an auction, you buy items for the highest bidder by placing a bid.
To the winning bid will be added a commission and strike fee according to
our terms of use.
To be able to place a bid, you must be logged in. All bids are placed
each object page where the object is displayed in its entirety and where you can
also see how time counts down towards the end time. Examine the object carefully
before you place a bid – remember that all bids are binding.
You can bid manually by following the auction yourself and raising the bid
step by step or by placing a so-called maximum bid and letting it
the automatic bidding function in the system bid as favorable as
possible up to your maximum bid.
On the object page, you can see how many are in the current bidding and
what bids have been placed. Your bids are marked with the text: Your bid.
If you have placed a maximum bid and have been outbid, a message will be sent
to your registered e-mail address so that you have a chance to complete
with a bid before the auction expires. We can not guarantee that
the message appears.


In the meantime that we get more information about shipping, we wish that you contact us at info@krawauktion.com
or +46 070-2209211